WoW Character Overview

WoW History:

The Paladin –

Like the hunter before her, she was not my first Paladin.  I believe my first paladin still sits as a level 19 “twink” on a different server.  She is better, she is complete.

The PaladinI can not tell you how much pain I went through while leveling her.  Starting her off as just something to level with a dear friend.  Turning into a mission and becoming what I would really have to qualify as a second wind in the realm of tanking.  She reinvigorated my drive for the game.

While she leveled completely as Retribution. (Back before 3.0.2 when it was still lolRet.)  Soon after hitting 70, I turned her into a tank.  Since then she has had the privilege of tanking everything through Kil’jaeden and killing Mu’ru.  Through some pretty interesting and remarkable circumstances she actually has participated farther than my warrior who is most definitely my main.

Well… who was most definitely my main.  The sheer lack of love warriors have received over the course of Wrath of the Lich King has pushed me towards my Paladin as my current main character.  After my guild exploded, I healed on my shaman for a month or two but in the end, I came back to tanking.  Tanking with her in Icecrown Citadel has been a joy thus far.  I have no real guild to speak of anymore as most all have left the game or chosen to transfer off server to be with real life friends, so it can be difficult at best to gain access, but when it does happen, it is a joy.

Mihli is currently my main character in WoW.

The Warrior –

My warrior was not my first character in World of Warcraft.  However, it is my oldest and the one I consider to be my main character in the game.

The Warrior I got into WoW late in the game.  I was not around much before The Burning Crusade.  In fact my friends and I started playing the game only 4 or 5 months before TBC was released.  Originally, we had envisioned playing until the release of the expansion and rerolling as Blood Elves.  However, thanks to Blizzard’s pushback of the release date, I remain a proud member of the alliance.

I have tanked everything in TBC on the warrior.  I had very limited experience preBC only getting to briefly see some of the content before we were neck deep in the wonder that was early Karazahn.

In Wrath, I tanked everything from Naxxramas through Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and now await Icecrown Citadel.  My warrior was my main character through the middle of Ulduar when my guild imploded due to the lack of interest.

The Hunter –

At one time she was my most beloved character.  She was not my first alliance character.  That was my mage, who to this day sits in Booty Bay still at level 34.

She is not even my first hunter.  Nor is she my second.  The HunterShe is in fact my third hunter.  Started after the mage just got plain boring.  The hunter was only a baby of the level 55 when TBC hit the shelves.

Since then, she’s had the honor of becoming a Hand of Adal, and defeating every boss from Attumen to Brutallus.

She now stands at 80.  The changes from mana to focus has been a huge sticking point for me.  I am no longer in love with the class.  Hopefully Blizzard will make some changes to make her a fun diversion once again.

The Shaman –

The shaman was actually a character I had started before I began leveling the paladin.  She was a baby back when TBC was new and she just did not get leveled due to some unforeseen circumstances.  I had leveled the paladin to by my healer, but I could not stand healing and enjoy


tanking so much more… Well you know the rest.

I have managed to bring her up nicely with the help of

friends.  She was always destined to be Resto, but I leveled her as elemental, and hoping to be able to do a little of both with Dual Specs coming very soon.

Healing is quite similar to tanking in a lot of ways.  There is pressure on you to keep people alive, while having very limited resources to do so.  I can say with all honesty though, healing right now is a bit too easy.  I hope they do bring some challenge to it so the Riptide > Chain Heal cycle will stop.

After taking her through Naxxramas all the way through Icecrown Citadel, I have completely enjoyed healing on my shaman.

The Warlock –

The WarlockThe warlock was born out of a want to “See the otherside”.  She was initially created so I could spend some time with a friend while leveling through the Pre-Cataclysm old Azeroth and experience it before it was gone.  Sadly enough she was abandoned in her teens while still in the Ghostlands.  When 4.03a and the Cataclysm came upon us, she was given a new lease on life.  Wanting to see how the world changed, I started her back up and headed to Silverpine Forest.  Luckily enough I got to experience the very best starting zone experience in the game today.  Silverpine Forest is by far the most interesting and Story driven 10-22 zone there is.  Yes, I have played both the Goblin and Worgen zones from 1-22 as well.  In my mind, neither Azshara nor Darkshore/Westfall can hold a candle to what level of story and fun there is to be had in Silverpine Forest.

I have raised my baby warlock to become a Blood Elf capable of devastation.  She is one of my favorites to play, even though she is stuck all alone on Horde-side. (If you have a guild that needs a casual lock on Kilrogg-Horde let me know.)

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