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FFXIV: Firefall Faire=Sunbreeze Festival?

July 20, 2011

The producers over at Square-Enix released a little information about Eorzea’s version of the Sunbreeze Festival event that became so popular over the years in Final Fantasy XIV.  This year we get real bikinis for the girls and a new name, “Firefall Faire”.  Hell, if you go out looking for the pictures of the “Galka” is even wearing a bikini.  I guess that man-bra is needed for them.

It’s really sad to me that they are spending so much time and effort doing all these events and not nearly as much trying to fix this game.


Beta FFXIV: Disciplines of the Land – The Botanist

August 16, 2010

Fishing HatGathering in Eorzea –

In most games, gathering is a “profession” or a “craft”.  In World of Warcraft you have to make a decision on whether you want to gather a specific set of items.  Aion had another idea and let everyone gather, they just had to pay a great deal of money to keep doing it the higher level you became.  In Final Fantasy XI, the skill levels of Mining, Logging and Harvesting were all hidden, where Fishing was an actual Crafting Skill.  Now XI’s successor gives us 3 separate playing job classes that take up these skills.  As you gather you not only gain skill in your gathering class, but you gain experience points as well.

So what can you gather and what classes gather what?  How does the act of gathering work? Read the rest of this entry ?