FFXI Character Overview

Over the course of my time in Final Fantasy XI I was lucky enough to be a part of several groups that were of worth.  I joined Silent Winds as one of one of its earliest members way back in 2004.  In that linkshell we accomplished many things and many server firsts during out heyday.  Everything from Fafnir to King Behemoth to Tiamat and Jormungand as the first North American linkshell to defeat these monsters.

I was privileged to be a part of many Dynamis linkshells over my course.  Starting out waking up at 3am twice a week in order to enter Dynamis with a Japanese LS to helping my dear friend in DynamisCorps to my current shell, The Interlopers.

I leveled 3 of my 6 jobs before the changes to experience 55+ back in 2005.  I started the game off as a Monk but soon after hitting 30 became a bard.  Barding in the endgame for years before being able to step away from that post and killing HNMs while tanking on my ninja or DDing as Summoner.

My Red Mage was the last job I leveled before I left the game the first time.  It is one of my better geared jobs even at the latest level cap of 85.

When I came back to the game the 4th time, I decided that I wanted to level a job from each of the expansions.  First taking Blue Mage to the level cap.  Subsequently taking Scholar to the top.  Both jobs are extremely fun and have become what I most consider fun about the game.

Character Link: Niwaar

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