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WoW: Winter Veil Updated!

December 15, 2011

As you can find from Wowhead’s new guide to the 2011 Feast of the Winter Veil, a few things have changed in our beloved Christmas holiday Warcraft event.

The biggest change is to the former Abominable and beloved Metzen the Reindeer quests.  Where in years past you had to fight like a dog to just get the claim on the Greench to get your Snowman suit, that is no longer the case.  The once one time quest is now a daily quest and combined with the saving of Metzen.  So head on out to Alterac Valley, but make sure you bring your friends.  The changes to the Greench have made him much meaner.

He is now a level 85 elite with that hits fairly decently on a Protection Paladin.  While soloable by a tank correctly using personal cooldowns, he is definitely no longer a pushover.  Thankfully you do not actually have to be grouped up to kill him.  Learning from early mistakes, Blizzard has seen fit to “drop” the item required to complete the daily quest on the ground near the “Christmas Cave” after he is dispatched.

You may be saying to yourself, why do the daily at all?  In the past the quest was only there as a way to get the Snowman Kit in order to complete the Winter Veil meta-achievement.  It still does that, but the quest actually rewards you with a Stolen Present for you to keep as well.  The present can contain the new Lumpy (of coal) pet, anything sold in the Dalaran Toy Shop as well as any of the old yearly exclusive gifts.  That’s right, if you do not have a BB gun, or a Clockwork Rocket Bot, or a Mini Zep Controller you can get them from the bag.  The Clockwork Rocket Bot gives you the Feat of Strength for the 2007 pet, but the other exclusive gifts do not.

Good luck and go grab those achievements and that one Feat of Strength if you were like me and didn’t have it.


Glory of the Hero

February 21, 2009



It is finally done…

The recent changes to some of the achievements required to accomplish for this Meta achievement both helped and hurt our eventual obtaining of the Drake.

The biggest three changes of course have to be with Gotta Go!, Watch Him Die, and Ruby Void.

Gotta Go! –221-gottago

The change from 2 minutes to 4 minutes was a huge one. Most people couldnt get much under 3 minutes before the change (myself included). This has gone from the single most difficult achievement to obtain to one a lot of groups just happen to get while completing the dungeon.

Watch Him Die –221-watchhimdie

This is now the second most difficult of the Heroic Achievements. Where it was once possible to use pathing to gain an advantage by having your healer stand on the ledge. Blizzard has seen fit to place an invisible wall preventing use of the ledge and other areas in the battlefield to your advantage.

So now you are left with 3 distinct strategies. The “Kite Strategy”, the “Kill Adds Strategy” and the “Pure Zerg Strategy”.

The “Kite Strategy” is where we found our success. By having myself pull the watchers and adds, intervene and run to the zoneline while using cooldowns, and a speed potion we were able to heroism and down the boss with 1 person alive. Not the prettiest of kills, but it got the job done.

Ruby Void –221-rubyvoid

Once one of the easiest achievements in Oculus, now is probably one of the single most difficult achievements in the meta. Where you were once able to use 5 greens and dot and kite, you are no longer able to do this.

The 5 Amber strategy is the only feasible strategy to use on this encounter now. You can not rely on “overgearing” the instance like you can for others. You can only rely on the compentancy and coordination of your group. (As well as their willingness to work on it til you got it done.) This task took our group hours to get down correctly. We had multiple close calls, but in the end it was only with a little luck of the RNG on when he spawned adds did we get the win.

Take a look at this video.  Done by a fellow tank, the video guide is invaluable in making the 5 tank system work. We however inverted the channel cycle to make our kill happen.

Now That I Am Back… Stay Tuned For A More In Depth Guide To Each Heroic Achievement.


It Has Begun!

November 10, 2008

Stormwind Harbor Under Siege


It has started.  The battle for Azeroth’s very life.  The Lich King Arthas has started his siege upon both the Horde and the Alliance in an effort to slow their respective war efforts

Attacking Stormwind Harbor as Alliance ships set ready to sail to Northrend, Arthas succeeded in nothing more than strengthening the resolve of those who participated in pushing the undead forces back to the Frozen North.

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