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Preparing for Wrath: Professions

November 10, 2008

Understanding the changing paradigm that Blizzard has implemented for all of the professions for Wrath of the Lick King can be challenging at first.  However, once you understand what direction Blizzard is aiming Professions at, you will start to realize the realities of crafting in a post 3.0 world.

Crafting Interface

The recent post by Verimonde that said (source):

All trade skills now provide some special benefit to the crafter that isn’t just a super item. In the case of blacksmithing it’s the ability to add sockets to your gear. Most of the profession perks are relatively equal in terms of what they provide, some are slightly better than others, but not enough so that you should feel ou are missing out by doing the profession you enjoy doing.

To put it simply, the developers wish to remove the ability to easily obtain armor or weapons equal to or better than higher end Arena and Raid gear.

Say goodbye to your Stunherald and your Frozen Shadowweave.

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