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Popquiz: The Green Me!

February 27, 2009


This week has been an adventure.  I have taken myself all over Azeroth and found myself fighting so many enemies that I became increasingly angry.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and the anger within manifested itself and I became a hulking manifestation of death.

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Recustomization and You?

December 22, 2008

newmeWhen Blizzard recently announced their new paid character recustomization, I honestly did not think twice about it.  Then… I realized something.  Human men are ugly.  Just plain ugly.  If you aren’t a “beardo”, you look like you were slapped in the back when you had bitter bear face.

I have always played female characters.  In Final Fantasy XI my main character was a Mithra.  Yeah in that game you are forced into a female role.  Well, my theory has always been, you play how you want to play.  Personally, I believe being able to look at your avatar and not cringe at its ugliness, or being willing to wear such ugly helmets such as the Battleworn Tuskguard because the alternative looks worse, are both signs that things need to change.

So yes, I “recustomized”.  My warrior is now a girl.  Human females got the shaft in the new hairstyles added in the barber shop.  Yet, I like my new cut.  As our only “real” female warrior called it, “Its the Soccer Milf Mom look, its so cute!”

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Picture Perfect: General Goods Vendor …

November 20, 2008

General Goods Vendor

I am 79 now and while leveling I came across this lonely giant.  He had quite an assortment of goods for sale to anyone who came along brave enough to approach him.

This is perhaps the coolest vendor of any kind I have yet to see in World of Warcraft.  The expansion gets better and better as I creep towards the level cap.  Yet I have not set foot in Crystalsong, Ice Crown or Sholozar Basin.