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Tera: CBT2 Live Stream!

February 25, 2012

I will be doing my best to livestream Tera this weekend from 6pm-10pm PST.  Come join me on my channel for the fun.


Tera: CBT1 LiveStream….

February 12, 2012

Just a heads up.  This weekend marks the first official North American Closed Beta Test for Tera.  I will be live streaming some gameplay over the weekend so stop on over to my TwitchTV channel and ask any questions you may have.

Unfortunately the test only allows you to make one character per active beta test server which means that only two classes will be shown.  I have chosen Human Ranger and High Elf Mystic.  Both ranged classes, but very different, as Mystic is a pseudo healer/buffer/support class with pets.  Think FFXI Summoner cross with a less complex WoW Hunter.

I plan on streaming more things in the future as my new computer should be able to handle it.



Diablo 3: Real Cash Auction?

August 1, 2011

There will be an option to use real money to buy items on auction from other players in Diablo 3’s auction house.   According to an article over at, Blizzard has said that there will be some limitations to the offering.  Most notably it will NOT work like paypal and you will have to decide on accepting the auction payments whether or not you want the cash or keep the money inside of

There are a lot of issues to be said about this type of real money system in a game.  This goes far past the RMT that is already involved in some MMOs.  With the basics of those other games are you buying and selling in game currency for real money.  This system allows you to use dollars, pounds, yen, pesos, etc. to buy and sell items directly.  There is a middle man however.  In order to obtain the money you earn through sales, you will have to immediately choose to have the money sent to you, minus a fee from the third party that Blizzard has contracted in your country.

What do you think of this?  Personally, I find it a disturbing start to a possible trend to monetize these games more and more.  While, I find all RMT activities a bane on the existence of MMOs and games in general, I think this is just another step to trying to curb the gold farmers that will backfire in Blizzard’s face.


Blade & Soul: WTF?

May 2, 2011

Leave it NCSoft to bring us another Korean made MMO that gives us WTF moment after WTF moment.  The simple fact of the matter is that I have been looking at this MMO since I was playing Aion.  It is one of the many new “Action Combat” based MMOs that will be released in the next 12 months.  The overall concept of the game seems to be completely based in the old asian mythology.  Think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the MMO.

The graphics are pretty damn nice looking and the overall look and feel of the game is pretty awesome.  Right down to the combat animations.  Taking a look at the video of the massive group PvP shows many of these animations.  The two biggest things you will notice are that there seem to be no lag whatsoever in the large group combat.  A pretty amazing feat considering the number of players that are on screen.

The second has to be the gliding.  Which is the true WTF moment.  This type of gameplay just seems far too gimmicky for words.  I had been looking forward to checking out this game until I saw it.


Been gone too long..

February 17, 2011

With the release of FFXIV and it being pretty much Dead on Arrival, I took a step back from really posting.  To be honest, I had hugely high hopes for the game and its utter and total failure to bring even a modernized and playable version of FFXI to the table was more than a huge let down for me.

WoW is a game that just ends up bringing me back into the fold.  Not because WoW is an awesome game, but because other games just do not do anything WoW does with any polish.  I honestly, loved the “Asian Grind” that was the original Final Fantasy MMO.  FFXI had its grind, but it mitigated that grind with a heck of a lot of good story, cutscenes and missions that mattered both to the player and to the world at large.  Armor, Weapons and other rewards you got along the way, often times stayed with you for a long period of time.  A character in the game was permanent and was “all-in-one”.  You “owned” your character much more because you could grow with it.  Want to play a mage today?  Sure, just go to your Moogle and change jobs and level up!”  There was no rolling or rerolling when you wanted to change it up.

I was looking forward to that more than anything in FFXIV.  Alas, even that portion of the game was botched in my mind.  From the first day I entered the Alpha, I wasn’t impressed with the new “Armory” system of choosing your job.  Crafting as a “Class”?  It never made sense to anyone and it just didn’t work in the end.

That brings me to the simple fact about FFXIV.  It won’t recover.  The new development staff may be trying to tell us of all these changes they are making to the game.  However, it’s all smoke and mirrors and the game will probably never make it out of its “free to play” time it currently sits in.  While I know a handful of people who still play the game and are having fun with it, that is a small majority.  What those players have to say about the state of the game still holds true.  It’s not a great game, it’s not a good game, it’s just a game of hope.  They are holding out that the devs give them what they are telling them they are going to get.  Hope is all they have, because the rest of the MMO market consists of a handful of older games, that most have either played or have no interest in, WoW, or a couple of new games like DCUO or Rift.

Most players left WoW for XIV because they were tired of the Amusement Park mentality Read the rest of this entry ?


Quick Tip: Flight Training

November 20, 2010

Just a quick tip for moving into 4.03a and Cataclysm.

Master Riding Skill otherwise known as 310% riding speed can currently be purchased in several locations.  While it is 5000g in Dalaran, it is only the low low price of 4000g in Borean Tundra.  This price is good at both Warsong Hold and Valiance Keep.  So this discount is good for both factions.


Dear Square-Enix …

September 1, 2010

In the immortal words of some random rapper of the 80’s, “Fix yourself before you wreck yourself!”

Square-Enix has once again proven that they can not launch Final Fantasy XIV properly and with finesse.  As 7:00pm PST came around, the SE servers were bombarded with applications to the Open Beta.  At one point they were taken down for maintenance.  This was not unexpected.  Any player or former player of Final Fantasy XI can tell you that Square-Enix does not know how to manage their servers for congestion.  Every major content patch causes hours and sometimes days of congestion that makes it difficult to play the game.

Tonight’s misstep is multiplied by the simple fact that they have created a launcher and authentication program for Final Fantasy XIV that is htmlbased.  Meaning when the server is congested, you simply do not even get a log-in page for the game itself.  You get a 404 page or a Maintenance page.  Leading players that somehow managed to get their Beta keys (the lucky few), no way of actually logging into the game itself.

By not compartmentalizing and using redundant hardware, they have proven that the game itself is very vulnerable to congestion and god forbid outside attack.  If something as simple as an authentication server is used across multiple platforms that if one aspect of it goes down the entire backbone of your game does… there are problems.