About Me

A General Overview

I started my MMO experiences after being drawn into Final Fantasy XI back in 2003.  I blame huge rampaging Christmas Trees for getting me hooked.  Unfortunately, by the time I logged in, the trees were dead, but the “events” that Square were running for holidays were interesting and it got me hooked quickly.

I was privileged to play with some of the best people on Ramuh during my time in that game.  I was amongst the founding members of Silent Winds.  One of the first non Japanese linkshells to defeat the games end-game HNM.  A member of both Japanese and NA linkshells competing to achieve the highest of rewards in the game.  As well as a leader in Silent Winds until the end when the game waned in favor of WoW.

I played that game for 5 years straight before moving away to World of Warcraft full time, 6 months before the release of The Burning Crusade.

During my time in WoW, I was the Raid Leader of one of the more successful Raiding guilds on Kilrogg for some time.  In the guild’s former glory, the guild mastered through to Horseman in Classic and through to M’uru in TBC.  We decided to stop raiding after reaching Yogg Saron during Wrath of the Lich King.  Mostly due to the continued lack of interest of most players that started during the long 6 month Naxxramas tier of raiding.  We decided to call it a day, and that was that.  No Yogg kill for us on 25 man and that was that.

In that regard, my current assortment of WOW Characters are described here.

I count myself as both intelligent and understanding.  I am not the kind of raid leader to scream and yell and call people out.  We get things done in a mostly family atmosphere and we are successful in it.

I have led or helped lead “raids” in multiple MMO’s as one of the leaders of HNM/End Game/Dynamis Linkshells in Final Fantasy XI to my roles in WoW.  I have also held positions of esteem in guilds/legions in Warhammer and Aion.

I have returned to playing multiple MMOs these days.  I am back in Final Fantasy XI as well as still playing WoW.  I have come and gone from Warhammer, Age of Conan and most recently a 6 month tour in Aion.  Leveling up 2 characters to 50 in that game.  Only leaving when it was abundantly clear that the game developers had no real intention on fixing what ailed the high potential game.

Current Locations

Currently, I am playing my character Niwaar in Final Fantasy XI as well as my current main in WoW is Mihli.  However, I spend most of my game time outside of live WoW, and spend it in either the FFXIV  or the Cataclysm Beta.

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV I can be found on Rabanastre as Kyoshi Niie.

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