FFXIV: Firefall Faire=Sunbreeze Festival?

July 20, 2011

The producers over at Square-Enix released a little information about Eorzea’s version of the Sunbreeze Festival event that became so popular over the years in Final Fantasy XIV.  This year we get real bikinis for the girls and a new name, “Firefall Faire”.  Hell, if you go out looking for the pictures of the “Galka” is even wearing a bikini.  I guess that man-bra is needed for them.

It’s really sad to me that they are spending so much time and effort doing all these events and not nearly as much trying to fix this game.


  1. “It’s really sad to me that they are spending so much time and effort doing all these events and not nearly as much trying to fix this game.”

    Not trying to fix the game!? What are you serious? Your gonna scold them because they added a few new pieces of clothing to wear (or to not wear for that matter). You think a bikini takes months and months of design and implementation!? They’ve BEEN fixing the game, go check the forums and read. And if you have been checking the forums and are still complaining than… dude… you need to chill out and think it out.

    • Let me put it to you this way. I am one of those people who believe that ALL of their efforts should be going into making FFXIV a playable and wonderful game. I miss the experiences that I had in FFXI every single day, and have yet to have a single one of my friends be able to look me in the eyes and say that anything they have done to XIV in the 9 months its been released have done anything to completely overhaul the game systems that needed to be fixed.

      Yes they are fixing some little things here and there, and I have high hopes that the game can become what we all envisioned it would be back when it was announced at E3 a couple of years ago. The things they have planned for the game make me extremely interested in returning to it. However, the addition of autoattack does very little. The getting rid of the stamina bar however was a large step forward as were a number of other minor changes, including the addition of dungeons and the streamlining of the repair system. There is hope for FFXIV, but as a FF-fanboy, I still believe that wasting resources, even if it is the small amount of time to design and push out vanity items, takes away from what needs to be done. What they have planned for the game has the potential to be awesome. Unfortunately, we are working with a game that is basically free to play and a company that is notoriously slow on fixing and updating content in their online games. Please forgive me if I come off a little defensive and angry, but yes I am those things. I am still pissed that SE refused to push back the release of the game when the overwhelming majority of testers told them it was not ready. I am still pissed that they thought so little of their playerbase and released a game so utterly unfinished and mishandled.

      So yes, I have high hopes for the game, but in my mind they will NEVER fix the game to become a profitable entity. I do not want to see vanity items added I either want to see them push these fixes quicker, or I want them to just come clean with us and say “we are working on another MMO and we are using what we have learned from what went wrong with FFXIV and what went right from FFXI and we are going to make a phenomenal game that you can all be proud of.

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