SWTOR: Collector’s Edition Revealed! (Updated)

July 19, 2011

Too much for too little?

And oh what a collector’s edition it is!  There is a lot to be had in this package.

  • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic game discs in collectible metal case
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural annotated by Satele Shan
  • Old Republic galaxy map
  • Custom Security Authentication Key (i.e. Authenticator)
  • Exclusive Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-Quality Collector’s Edition Box

With In game items listed as:

  • Flare Gun: Fire flares into the air
  • Training Droid: Hovers at your side for combat assistance
  • HoloDancer: Project your own holographic dancer
  • HoloCam: Keep visual records of in-game adventures
  • STAP: Sleek and unique in-game vehicle
  • Exclusive Mouse Droid: Spun-ky droid to join your adventures
  • Exclusive Collector’s Edition Store: Unique in-game vendor with a dynamic assortment of items

All of this can be yours for $220 dollars US.  (Update: The 220$ price was the conversion into US Dollars from the Euro price of 150.  It has been confirmed that the box will retail for 150$ in the US as well.  Making the North American box price a whopping 70$ cheaper than the European version.)  This just rings completely as a cash grab to me.  I have played this game in both the first and second testing phases and had every intention of picking it up and possibly picking up the Collector’s Edition.  For no other reason but to get my hands on the Original Soundtrack that is included.  However, that is now not only not a possibility for me financially, but I am now extremely wary of how the game is going to be handled as a whole.

The game already has a number of game design flaws, that if nurtured could be fixed give time.  I mean there is no game (no not even Rift although people like to say it) that launched a perfect game out of the box.  Hell, Final Fantasy XI took over  a year of Japanese retail before it was fit for a worldwide release.  World of Warcraft had a horrible launch and look at it now.  That being said, there is a lot of reasons to be extremely wary about Star Wars: The Old Republic just based on the in game items listed in this collector’s edition package.

The Training Droid and HoloCam items are the ones that stick in my craw.  These are both very different items, but they both reek of how the microtransaction shop will be handled for this game.  EA is notorious for trying to milk every drop of money out of its playerbase and this just sits with me the wrong way.  The Training Droid sounds like an in game item that functions somewhat like a companion.  This may not be a hugely bad thing, as most classes get their companions between levels 6 and 10.  So we can discount that one somewhat.  Yet it leads to my belief that we will eventually see companions being able to be purchased through the cash shop.  This goes beyond the cosmetic and “fun” and in a subscription based game model it is out of bounds in my mind.

The HoloCam itself sounds cool.  An in game way to record your gameplay.  So instead of loading up that fraps application you “bought” you are given the opportunity to use an ingame tool (not unlike those mac wow users.  Not quite sure why we havent ever seen the ability to record go to PC users in WoW but thats another conversation all together.)  So this HoloCam would seem that it is another cash shop “item”.  This time not a “power” issue but one that expands the functionality of the game’s client to include recording.  This is not something totally out of the realm of paying for.  However, with Rift doing its best to include screenshot and video recording capabilities embedded within its default client and WoW having this function at least available on some platforms out of the box, it would just be another sign that we are going to be getting an incomplete client for our money and having to pay for each separate feature we have become accustomed to getting within the package.

Overall, the CE itself gives a lot of good stuff, but the pricepoint is $120+ too high.  The physical items are all “cheap” to make and the ingame items do not live up to a standard to where they are worth an extra C-note.  Hell, the CE for Uncharted 3 holds a very similar selection of physical items and a few interesting in game ones and is a much cheaper CE to buy this holiday season.

Lastly, while this box goes up for preorders on July 21st, we can safely begin to assume that the game itself is set for what I expect to be a late September/Early October release date.  Putting it smack dab in the middle of a WoW content cycle and beating Tera to the punch by several months.  Both of which are good news for the games prospects.  Now if only they could make the game actually look good graphically they’d win over a lot more people.


  1. Just one comment on the graphics and i will leave it at that due to the NDA. It all depends on your Graphics card. I have the good fortune to have a Nvidia Geforce GTX560ti and I can say the graphics are very impressive on me end. Much better then any MMO out there at the moment. if you did not see that while you tested you surely tested in the wrong phases =0)

    • I too am restricted by the NDA . I am currently running 480. My other friend who is also NDA bound is running SLI 480×2 has the same issues with the graphics as I do. I think I should have been more specific with my criticisms of the graphics. it is not the actual graphics that I am not impressed with, its the overall style. Where WoW has a “paint” style and Rift is more pseudo realism, SWTOR is made to look as close as possible to Clone Wars cartoon series. I am just not a fan of the style they chose.to use for the game.

      There are a decent amount of good things going for the game, but as of yet we haven’t seen the one thing that actually matters in an MMO. The end game. I will have a post about what I see as good and bad about different aspects of the game. The pvp for example is quite refreshing and the maps while the same game style as many wow BGs are different in just enough ways that they are vastly more interesting to play than the 7 year old BGs we have in WoW.

      • And you actually think any gameing company in there right mind will even let testers see End game? Did Blizzard let us testers see there end game at beta? No they did not! at release they started a test server just like mythic did with DAOC. it would be A game sucicde per say to even hint at what the end game will be or be like during beta. Hence the reason for your surveys each night when your done testing.

        Also rember this and you can even attest to this. Yes the game atm is unfinished a buggy to say the least. But if you look back and rember when WOW was released. all the major bugs did not disapear till about 6 months after release. Also there was only 1 raid instance, “Molten Core” which in its self was extremly boaring, buggy, and with a non progressive loot system and table.The you had the failure known as Lower and Upper Black Rock Spire that was so buggy it was unplayable at release.

        If you really want to make an editorial about a game please wait till its been released and buggs have been fixxed. I feel this game will do just fine unlike the gameing failures like Conan and Warhammer that was so highly anicepated. And if people feel like this is a WOW Clone that is just fine by me. If WoW is the most succeful MMO out there why would i not want my next game I play not follow in the same foot steps. WoW at release was also called an EQ/DAOC Clone but yet 12 million subscribers still play. Go figure

      • 1) Yes, no game company in their right mind will allow you to play test their endgame content before the game is in actual release. If you read the entire post and the reply, you would understand that I am waiting to see how they structure the endgame gameplay. We already have a small inkling because of the announced “large scale raids” that were shown at e3 via cinematic trailer. I haven’t even spoken of my concerns that they are going to follow the World of Warcraft raiding/endgame structure. All I said, is that the only thing left to really see that will make or break this game for me is its endgame.

        2) I actually have never commented on any bugs in the system. All games have bugs, its going to happen, there isnt any magic fairy thats going to come in and remove all the bugs from a game. The only game that actually crashed and burned on its bugs was Age of Conan. While SWTOR has bugs, I will be honest, I saw very few of them and the ones I saw were more cosmetic (ie that guys stupid companion in my cutscene or the entire planet of Coruscant not having any natural cover). These will be fixed.

        3) I hardly made an editorial about the game. Hell I barely spoke of the game itself other than saying that I am wary about how EA is going to handle the game from a financial standpoint. I even made your exact point about games never releasing in a perfect state and that the simple law of MMOs is they are NEVER at their best at launch. I only spoke of my impressions of the graphics style. I even went as far in my response to your original comment that it was not necessarily about the quality of the graphics but their actual “cartoonish” style.

        4) Did i speak of it being a WoW clone? I specifically said that the Warfronts in SWTOR are an extremely fresh take on the tired and overwrought game types in WoW. I will say that I do not want another WoW clone. As you said many people thought WoW was a clone of previous titles, and Rift is a clone of WoW. Well I will say that even if it is a WoW clone, things need to be improved upon from WoW. New concepts and new ideas have to emerge to make the genre move forward. Right now the MMO genre as a whole is becoming stale. Those 12 million customers that were around back in November are now 11.5m. There is a reason for that. We want something new and fresh, and while we get some of that in the V/O ridden personal story missions in SWTOR, is that enough to make the game fresh enough? I have no problem with the little ! or ? or random symbols that every other MMO game developer is using these days. I have no problem with instance grinding. I am just hoping we see something fresh and interesting. Rift at least gave us “world events” and “random world encounters”, what will SWTOR give us?

  2. The collector’s edition pre-orders sold out in less than 24 hours at the EA site and Amazon.com. How do you sell out of a pre-sale items that doesn’t even launch until the end of the year?

    It’s nuts that they sold out so dang fast with a $150 price tag! Hoping the release more for pre-order.

    • As of this writing, you can still pick up a preorder copy at Gamestop.com. You also have to understand a few things about how they are doing the Pre-orders not only for the CE but the Digial Deluxe and the regular edition copies. Each pre-order copy will receive some sort of code allowing for a headstart. This is not unheard of as most of the recently released MMOs have done something similar. Where it differs is that the date and time in which you preorder will actually determine when your headstart begins. So if I preorder today, all those that preordered yesterday will get a bit more headstart time than I do.

      Basically, if we are to believe the EA PR, they are trying to limit server load over the head start and thus allow themselves to create new servers as needed instead of opening 30 servers and having 10 of them low and 10 of them high pop. Every MMO company has tried to figure out how to remedy server load issues for their first month. Rift had massive server queues for several weeks on some realms for example. Aion was in a similar situation.

      If you want to read a bit more into it, its just another EA ploy to get you to dish out money before you have actually had a chance to see or hear about the final product. Me personally, I believe SWTOR will be a decent game. A game that will have a decent sized population and will be fun to play. There is still some belief in the community that the game will either be a HUGE success or a colossal failure. I for one do not believe this game will fail. It may fail to live up to EA and Lucasarts’ ideas of success, but the game will hardly be deemed a failure, if they get 1.5-2m subs in their 3rd month. There are enough SW fanboys out there to carry the game for at least a few months. Just enough time to let Bioware to get their feet underneath them.

  3. I’m giving rift a 5 star review because it really impressed me. I have played many of MMO’s in my time but I never stuck with any of them, I got board after a few months and felt like I wasted my money. I did debate for a few weeks wither or not I wanted to get into another MMO.

    I was happy I did the Amazon deal it was great, I got the collectors edition for cheap and dl instantly to my computer. I love that Amazon dose this now because if I get a new computer I can simply re download it with out hunting for the key or the CD. Thanks Amazon I love the game download feature. ALSO remember however to dl the Amazon game thing or it won’t work.

    What I don’t like about rift. How they made this campaign to “kill Wow” I think it’s a negative campaign and they should have done something more to show how amazing Rift is. Instead they are pissing off some WoW people. I personally, not a hit against anyone, did not like Wow. Have no intention of playing it again. But I don’t think Rift people should bash it. Or make a negative campaign against it. YES rift took stuff from Wow but REMEMBER people wow was NOT the first MMO created it TOOK positive stuff from existing MMO’s that’s why it was good. I am playing rift and I can see what they took from lots of different MMO’s. So in the future I wish they would draw people into playing Rift because of the game not just because they want to be the Wow killer.

    What I love about Rift. Its fun! I like it because it’s not a GOOD vrs BAD. Yes you have the guardians and the defiants but the defiantas are not BAD people. It feels like Science vrs religion instead of good and bad. I personally like the deifants story better. There is not a lot of different classes of characters to pick from but really wow has a crap ton but when I played I saw people only being humans/elfs/darkelfs ect and not a lot of the others. I love the character creation its not INSANE detailed but I have not run into any one yet who looks just like me. (*cough FF11*) The game is fun and the Rifts are amazing.

    What I like best about the random rifts is it stops me from going “quest one to quest two to quest three” it’s a nice break and I don’t have to be invited to a group or raid I click “join raid” and I’m in fighting and if I don’t want to do it any more simply leave. It DOSE not interfere with quest. As I saw some Wow people go “I don’t know….” Most rifts only last 5 minutes. And the longest one I saw was 15. After the stage is clear it goes away and you can keep doing quest. Rifts are not bad they are positive and make the game so much better. But worry not it won’t interfere with whatever quest you are doing.

    Also another thing like the rifts Fire/death/water/earth ect. Raids will attack towns and cities. The NPC’s along with the players will fight to stop them from killing all the NPCs (they do eventually come back to life) but your town can be swamped I have not seen it yet where the town is over taken completely. These are harder then the rifts or at least when I was playing. But it’s still a neat little break from Quest completing.

    Anther thing I find great about the game is I don’t have to rely on large parties to get my quests done. Which I heard is the same in Wow but other MMO’s I don’t have a lot of online friends or don’t want to waist my time waiting for people to get online. It can be a little hard as I am a cleric based mainly on healing. So my attacks are not strong so if more then one thing attacks me I’m screwed. But I got to level 15 on my own only time I’m in a party is if want a break from endless Quest that all MMO’s give you and shut some rifts.

    The Skill trees are also fun! I find them neat and that the player can have a wide verity for each class. So even if I play the same class over and over it will be a different experience (of course not if you pick all the same classes again but there’s a bunch to pick from)

    One thing that dose bother me with game play, and correct me if I’m wrong because I would love to know, is the skill bar. It has a scroll 1-6 is there any way to make those expand so I can see them or do I just have to scroll? It’s a pain in the ass when I’m being attacked and having to scroll through the list so I can attack something to ride my mount. I know wow has it all along the bottom. Or even hot keys to get the other skills with out scrolling?

    But again I took a risk and played it and im glad I did because its different. But if you are weary then wait for them to release a ten day trial or something. And playing with super graphics is a + I recently bought a new Vaio laptop and the game plays like a dream. And looks really neat!

    But yes it is a MMO it has MMO qualities and lots of Quests! So if you don’t like MMOs don’t play it. If you like wow you should try it, if you like any mmo set in a fantasy land then you should play it.

    It won’t “Kill” wow and Wow won’t run this one out. Both games are fine I just find this one better because the Rifts are a deal breaker for me. A nice change when you are stuck in an area for a while until you are strong enough to go to the next one. The water rift is pretty :D and the random attacks on towns haha watch the NPC’s fight off the hordes and then watch them die (NPC’s doo something other then stand around!) but yes they will come back so you can finish quests and stuff.

    Me I am very happy I bought it, but if you don’t want to try it that’s fine to less lag on the servers :p

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