FFXIV: Best Metaphor for FFXIV Ever!

October 21, 2010

A friend of mine sent me the most apt metaphor for Final Fantasy XIV…

“Say some really hot chick (or dude) comes up to you and says ‘hey let’s have lots of loud dirty all-night sex, but we have to cover ourselves in 25 layers of plastic wrap, so that we don’t catch any STDs or RMTs from each other’. it may sound like an exciting proposition at first, but when it comes around to the realistic execution of said loud dirty all-night sex with hot chick (or dude) you’ll find that there’s just too much useless crap in the way of your fun.”

This is as spot on a view on how the current game is as anything I have read so far.  Even today’s Kotaku review couldn’t do it better.  Kotaku does make the point I am hearing from many of the people I have met during my MMO travels, “Square Enix is still trying to figure out how to make them work. Many players may have the patience to wait and see how things pan out. I do not.”

I certainly do not have much patience left with Square-Enix and their “really hot chick” of a game.  It’s unfortunate that they did not do what the community pleaded with them to do and push this game until it was ready for a real release.  With a complete game from level 1 to level 50.  Instead we got a broken game that works fairly well at level 1 and falls apart by level 10.  I am still unsure why SE did not learn from the mistakes of Mythic, Funcom and to a larger extent NCsoft.  Each of those companies did learn something from the game release before them.  They just didn’t learn enough to make their games worth while over the long haul.  This is not 2002.  You can not prance out a game that even the developers do not know what their complete concept is.  You can not release a game with failures in the core systems.  Sure as heck can not release a game where communication, travel, economy and skill gain are all in the process of being fleshed out.  This is 2010.  The time to communicate openly with your playerbase is here.

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