More and More Negative Reviews For FFXIV

October 9, 2010

In the past several days, most of the professional game reviewing magazine, tv shows and websites have a released their reviews of Final Fanatasy XIV.  Let me just say, that most of them are pretty spot on.  However, the Gametrailers review was the closest to my opinions.  Their score on Visuals was a bit lower than I would have given the game, but I am assuming this is the overall presentation in which the UI could sink that score like a rock.  Check out the video review here.

I really hope that all this negative press will make the developers scramble faster to fix this game.  It has a ton of potential which is going to be lost quickly if the game doesn’t see significant improvements before the December release of Cataclysm.


  1. i recently purchased the game figuring after nearly a year of it being on the market, all the bugs would have been removed and they’d have listened to the reviews and made changes to the controls and UI.

    Well they obviously didn’t. I’ve been playing MMO’s since 1999 with UO ( Ultima Online ) being my first experience in the world of MMO’s. You were able to change the controls in that game to your liking. but here we are with FFXIV 12 years later, and you’re not allowed to.

    why they chose to force you to use the WASD keys over Arrow keys for movement, or the mouse for movement is beyond me.

    I just wish i could send the game to Square Enix and make them reimburse me for it. it lasted on my hard drive all of 15 minutes after i finally got into the game.

    FFXI was much better.

  2. I would disagree with you about them not listening to their fanbase and reviews. They simply have been extremely slow at doing so. Square Enix has refused to ditch the entire game and rebuild the product from the ground up as they should have done.

    Not to be crass, but the Japanese earthquake in March was a perfect excuse for them to bring the game down for a period of time and rework the game to fix the larger issues in the game.

    That being said, the UI and Control issues are there because SE continues to want to push the game into a console release and their beliefs insist that the game should play and look as close to each other as they can between platforms. With neither platform having an inherent advantage. There are many problems with this ideal in the modern mmo market and they have failed to give up on it.

    While I believe that SE may bring us a quality MMO with their 3rd outing in the genre, I also believe that it will be an uphill battle for them to do so. The “Asian” style MMO has taken a serious step backwards in terms of overall gameplay style in the last few years. World of Warcraft has got to large a playerbase that is used to “easy” and “casual” content that Asian MMOs are not designed for.

    In the end, SE has to decide what defines a successful game. FFXI was deemed a success for almost a decade now, with an average playerbase around 600k and a top playerbase around 1million during its heyday during the games second expansion. Trion Worlds has not been able to shout anything other than the success of Rift and their current subscriber base is stated to be less than 600k players.

    In today’s market, 500-600k subscribers worldwide is called a successful game, then why can’t SE look to bring back the same mentalities of FFXI or Everquest or Lineage and bring us a game that involves a lot of social interaction, a level grind that actually is expected to take a long period of time and be fun to level up. Rather than the current WOW/Rift model with leveling taking a short as 2 days and as long as 2 weeks. Something different than the current norm.

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