WoW: A Brewfest Debacle

September 21, 2010

Yesterday was the beginning of the 2010 edition of Brewfest.  World of Warcraft’s little ode to the dwarf and their penchance for the over consumption of alcohol.  Now I could get all high and mighty and discuss the implications of aggrandizing drunkeness, but I won’t.  I will however point out Blizzard’s seeming ineptitude when it comes to this particular event.

Now, this is one event that was tidied up last year.  It was given a minor overhaul.  They took away some minigames and added a few new ones.  They managed to up the level of difficulty of the boss, Coren Direbrew to make him not a joke to those players who decided to partake in the farm-fest that was trying to obtain one of the rare event only drops.  The two mounts being the biggest rarities.

Woot Kodo!

The managed to fix this part of the event as well.  With the addition of the Dungeon Group Finder, we are now only subject to fighting Coren once a day per character to try to obtain these rarities.

“So what’s the debacle?” you are asking.  Well quite simply this:

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

I’m sorry to say that, at present, there is no new Brewfest Stein for this year, nor is there planned to be.

Sincere apologies for any annoyance this may cause you, but hopefully some will be pleased by the ability to catch up on something missed out year.

This is the problem.  Many people want their “souvenir” or their Feat of Strength for obtaining the things that can not be obtained ever again.  I have a friend that is still pissed off at himself that he missed obtaining the 2007 Brewfest Stein.  Now to slap him and others like him in the face, you can obtain the 2009 stein in 2010?  What is Blizzard thinking?

Seriously, this is beyond lazy.  If you do not want to add anything to the event that’s fine.  If you do not want to take the time to recolor an existing piece of artwork and work it into the event as the 2010 Stein, that’s fine.  At least take the previous year’s stein out of the game all together.

This to me is a sign that Brewfest will not be around in its current form in Cataclysm.  Which is not something that couldn’t be foreseen.  The world is different come the escape of Deathwing.  The events we have seen for the past several years could be changing drastically with them as well.  You would think that Brewfest itself is a generally innocuous event that is held in an area that isn’t seeing much change.  Yet others will definitely be effected.  With Alterac and Tanaris being greatly changed could Metzen be getting a new “home” away from home as well come Christmas?

At least I got a Kodo on my warrior.  Five more days of trying on the others.  With this the warrior has all 3 Brewfest mounts.

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