FFXIV: The Onion Helm & FFXIII Bonus Item

September 15, 2010

This morning Square-Enix added a pair of new test servers that give all players 2 of the 4 special items that will be available to players at launch.

The first of which is the classic Onion Helm that will be available to those players who will purchase the collector’s edition on the 22nd.  The helm is… well you can be the judge of how it looks.  Personally, I am not a fan.  The helm itself is actually worse than the starter helm you get with the marauder class.  However, it does have a trade-off.  As you can see in the video, you will receive 2-3% damage reduction versus all physical damage types.  In typical Square-Enix fashion, the helm has a hidden effect.  Dying while wearing the helm or equipping it after death (and return) will cut your weakness from 5 minutes to a mere 1minute 30 seconds.

The second item available to preview will be obtainable if you redeemed your Bonus Item code from the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XII.  The better looking piece of the two, these gloves have only slightly better stats than the level 1 gloves that some classes start the game with.  This item however, currently has an unknown hidden effect.  Even if it doesn’t have a hidden effect, these gloves are a wonderful starter pair for anyone.  The Output and Control on them make them a wonderful addition to gathering and crafting classes as well.

The Open Beta is set to close in only four days (Sept 19th).  Remember you can reserve your character name by registering and participating in this stage of the game’s testing.  So if you are planning on giving the game a go, its well worth taking the time to check it out now.

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