Beta FFXIV: The Fatigue System

September 14, 2010

This new video popped up the other day.  It looks quite professionally done and attempts to dispel the myths and confusion on how the experience and fatigue system works in Final Fantasy XIV.

I will be fairly blunt and say that while the video has a pro-SE slant to it, it does explain the system and its intentions quite well.  However it glosses over the issues people have against the system.  I am still not sold on the Fatigue system, but it is a lot less problematic with the increased thresholds Square-Enix has implemented in the latest build of the beta.  The system still punishes players instead of rewarding them.  It still cuts off 100% of all skill and experience point gain after the 15th threshold instead of allowing a reasonable gain.  The system itself is being pushed out there in the wrong way and most players will continue to see it in a negative light no matter what SE does with it in the future.  If they had a decent public relations team, they would have worded the system differently and announced it in such a  way.

No matter what the video suggest, the system is a punishing one.  It may be a different method from a steep leveling curve, but it is still punishing.  It has its upside though, I will admit that.  Yet forcing players to level something they don’t want to level just to continue playing the game is a big sticking point with me.  A lot of people are going to hit their 8th threshold and call it for a few days.

On a separate note, the beta is set to shut down on September 20th.  So if you haven’t had a chance to jump in, you better do so now.  Especially seeing that the game download takes about 3 days with the SE download servers.

One comment

  1. I wrote an article on this as http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5840182/the_final_fantasy_14_fatigue_system.html?cat=19. I think this looks good on paper, on might even not be such a bad idea, but right now it’s just going to make Cataclysm or The Old Republic that much more of an attractive choice. And it’s way too soon after 13, which they know pissed the fans off. They’ve lost too much credibility to do this kind of experiment.

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