Beta FFXIV: Gridania Tour… kinda

September 6, 2010

Since the Open Beta began there really hasn’t been much to share that hasn’t been shared elsewhere.  However, I wanted to try to elaborate on my exploration of Gridania as a starting city.  The video below shows how vast the city-state actually is.  I even edited out a large chunk of the backtracking involved in circumnavigating the city.  Like Windurst, a lot of the city is not needed by everyone, but unlike Windurst (or any other Final Fantasy XI city for that matter), there are no real “useless” areas.  There is no Rhinostery here.  Since there are no quests in the game outside of the main mission series and guildleve’s the city seems actually quite large and small at the same time.

As you can see there are really only 2 areas of the city that are “generic” and non-guild or NPC storefront areas.  The amphitheater being the most important one, but one completely void of NPCs.  This area is only here for use in the city missions.  Then you have the closed off area to the north that is more than likely the political seat of the city.  All three cities have their own version of this closed off area.

The city itself is a beautiful site.  All the greenery and water everywhere brings you back to Windurst of old.  It’s just truly unfortunate that there is very little “life” in the city.  Sure the city has its fair share of NPCs, but most of them are generic guards and shop keeps.  Some are even just there for show since you can’t even speak to them.  There are no NPCs with stories of their own.  You do not get drawn into the story of the townspeople like you did with its predecessor.  There are remnants of the Star Onion Brigade with the kids in the playground, and we do get to learn more about them thanks to the city mission set, it’s simply not the same.

The experience is brightened by the graphics.  Between wildflowers, flowing water everywhere and the beautiful pseudo star tree cave system the town is gorgeous.

Enjoy the tour!

One comment

  1. Gridania looks awesome!
    Yeah. It’s quite comparable to Windy. Windurst was actually my starting nation in ffxi and i love it. I’m gonna pick Gridania when i get to play the game. Nice vid BTW.

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