Beta FFXIV: Disciplines of the Land – The Botanist

August 16, 2010

Fishing HatGathering in Eorzea –

In most games, gathering is a “profession” or a “craft”.  In World of Warcraft you have to make a decision on whether you want to gather a specific set of items.  Aion had another idea and let everyone gather, they just had to pay a great deal of money to keep doing it the higher level you became.  In Final Fantasy XI, the skill levels of Mining, Logging and Harvesting were all hidden, where Fishing was an actual Crafting Skill.  Now XI’s successor gives us 3 separate playing job classes that take up these skills.  As you gather you not only gain skill in your gathering class, but you gain experience points as well.

So what can you gather and what classes gather what?  How does the act of gathering work?


Logging –

The first of the three Disciplines of the Land is the Botanist.  The Botanist is the gatherer of all that is green, wooden or edible on the continent of Eorzea.  Your main hand weapon is the Hatchet.  With it you will take the great expanse looking for trees to Chop it into.  The act of Logging is the main aspect of the class and as such it is the most complicated.  In an obvious ploy to try to combat the RMT bots that have ruined many other AAA MMO titles over the past, Square-Enix has made the actual gathering part of the class into a mini-game.

Unlike in FFXI, you can not tab target Logging Points.  The way you find gatherable trees is two-fold.  Logging Points can be seen from far away and are denoted by a bright glow and sparkle in the middle of the tree. One you approach a tree that can be logged, you will see a Notification icon appear on the UI.  You can now open up the menu and select “Log” to begin.

You will now begin the “Chocobo Hot-n-Cold” mini-game.  First you will select at what point you are going to chop the tree.  Nothing is confirmed about what this actually effects in-game.  Nor is it confirmed that this particular part of Logging works.  However, the rumor is that the lower you chop, the more likely you are to get logs and branches.  The higher you chop the more common other items become.

Once you decide where to aim your axe and choose “Chop” from the menu you are met with the real meat of the task.  You are met with a moving cursor like that of the place kicking interface in any Madden Football game of the last 10 years.  It is now up to you to find the sweet spot in the notch you selected.  Is it up high on the notch?  Is it in the middle?  In order to make a successful attempt you must find that spot and hit it.  Sometimes you have to even hit it twice.  Lucky for you, you get hints on how close you were and your last cursor turns blue to help you remember where you have been.  This would be pretty easy if not for the fact that you have a “Remainder” meter.  Each swing takes a portion of this away.  This gauge for 3-5 swings which is completely random from attempt to attempt.

The kind of tree is not readily apparent but a general rule about the La Noscea area is the small triple trees (seen on the right) are Willow Trees and can give both Willow Logs and Willow Branches as well as a whole selection of other random goods.  You can find anything from bird feathers, olives, various fruits, and beeswax by logging.  Large trunk trees are usually Maple Trees.  Like the other trees, they yield logs, branches, fruit, feathers and beeswax.

Harvesting –

HarvestingIf that weren’t enough for a gathering profession, Botanists get a secondary gathering skill.  Square-Enix has combined two separate gathering skills from its previous MMO into one gathering class.  With harvesting you may gather the Moko Grass used by Weavers to make Hemp and eventually cloth armor.  If you are a Culinarian (Cooking) you will want to harvest the sunflower seeds, herbs and spices you need for your tasty concoctions.

When you approach a grassy or flowery area with the tell-tale sparkle you will gain the Harvesting Notification on your UI.  Unlike Logging, there is no mini-game to play.  You simply choose Harvest from the menu and you will swing your secondary weapon called a “Sickle”.  Harvesting is purely like it was in FFXI.  Meaning it is completely hit or miss.  It is random if you gain Moko Grass or nothing.

A few more screenshots of the world of beautiful world of Eorzea.

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