Problem With The Weekly Raid Quest…

April 20, 2010

Let me first say that the weekly raid quests were a terrific way of ensuring that older content is still used. Some weekly raid quests are insanely easy (ie Flame Leviathan, Anub’rkhan), others have a bit of a challenge no matter the gear level of your people because of the mechanics (Malygos). The quests are not the most “fun” things in the world, but they allow Blizzard to direct you towards older content to ensure that newer players actually have an opportunity to see this content before it is completely obsolete with the advent of Cataclysm.

This theory goes out the window when you are given a weekly quest in the current tiered raid. This week on my server we have Lord Marrogar Must Die! Which while it does not limit my main and my alts from completing such an instance, it does present issues with completing said quest.

Its a routine happenstance that most people tend to use pick up groups (either partial or full) to complete their weekly quests. Completing the raid instance up through ONLY the boss in question. Trying to create a viable PUG group for the older instances with this in mind is easy. Creating an ICC10 that will be functional past Saurfang when people are simply not geared to be defeating anything past Gunship presents an issue in actual progression towards a goal.

Blizzard failed with including ICC within the Weekly Raid Quest system. The system should encourage players to group up and complete the older instances and thus should have a wider variety of bosses, even some deeper into the instances. Hodir, Thorim, Thadeus, Horsemen all would be great additions to this system. Hell, I would LOVE to see them add another more complicated 10 Emblem Weekly in Dalaran to complete an entire instance, or kill multiple bosses within Naxx, Ulduar or ToC. Or even a “go save this NPC from Hodir’s Ice”, “Rescue Herbalist Anna from Freya’s Grasp” etc, but not in the current tier of raiding.

What they have done with the random ICC weekly quest inside the raid is phenomenal and its what should be in ICC, not the Dalaran weekly.

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