Recustomization and You?

December 22, 2008

newmeWhen Blizzard recently announced their new paid character recustomization, I honestly did not think twice about it.  Then… I realized something.  Human men are ugly.  Just plain ugly.  If you aren’t a “beardo”, you look like you were slapped in the back when you had bitter bear face.

I have always played female characters.  In Final Fantasy XI my main character was a Mithra.  Yeah in that game you are forced into a female role.  Well, my theory has always been, you play how you want to play.  Personally, I believe being able to look at your avatar and not cringe at its ugliness, or being willing to wear such ugly helmets such as the Battleworn Tuskguard because the alternative looks worse, are both signs that things need to change.

So yes, I “recustomized”.  My warrior is now a girl.  Human females got the shaft in the new hairstyles added in the barber shop.  Yet, I like my new cut.  As our only “real” female warrior called it, “Its the Soccer Milf Mom look, its so cute!”

Changing Things Up

The process is fairly straight forward.

1. Log out of the game.
2. Log into your account page and select and choose to recustomize.
3. Select which character you wish to recustomize.
4. Wait approximately between 5-60minutes.
5. Login to your account and recustomize your selected character.

There are a few things to remember when you decide to recustomize. 

1. While you can change your name, you do not have to.
2. The hair and jewelry customizations are limited to the original “Vanilla” options.  The new Barber shop options are unavailable.
3. You can not charge your “gametime” credit card automatically.  You are forced to input a payment method.

All in all, the recustomization options are extremely limited.  Basically these options are a small extension of the already available Paid Name Change option that has been around for some time now.  You are now given the option to “regender” your character and rename them at the same time.  While the 15 dollar fee is pretty minimal to revitalize your WoW experience, the actual bang for your buck will vary.

The biggest concern I have is that Blizzard will start to offer payment only character modifications that will become mandatory.  I really hope this slippery slope doesn’t occur.

What do you think?  Is recustomization a good thing?  What are your concerns?


  1. You mean where you pay to get upgrades that you really can’t afford to do without? Yeah that would be absolutely horrible. Not only because it would suck, but also, that would be the beginning of the end of wow.

    Also, minor deal, but youve stumbled upon a pet peeve of mine thats not really a pet peeve: using an acronym and then using one of the words in the acronym. Example: PIN Number, ATM Machine.

    Keep up the good work and dont mind my rambling

  2. I have the ugliest HUMAN Paladin in WOW. I have a Night Elf Pally she is pretty. I am embarrassed to play the human. She runs like an ape her butt is fat and even the people I play with laugh at how she runs but when she hits something, it stays down. Who ever made these poor ugly creatures should be ashamed and should pay to have them revamped lol, yea its worth 15 dollars. Just so everyone thinks she isn’t someone’s pet! :)

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