Mystical Dragon In The Sky…

December 12, 2008


We have been working hard at moving forward in progress as a guild since we resumed 25 man raiding.  We have no hit the penultimate achievement that Wrath has to give us.  Malygos is dead.

We lost 2 people during the fight early, yet both were resurrected.  We managed to keep everyone alive and after 3 hours of attempts get her down.  While we are definitely not the first, we have finally achieved a feeling of accomplishment in Wrath raiding.

Phase 1: The Dragon

Malygos himself is a rough fight as a tank.  The fight is about movement for us.  We are not only trying to keep our survivability as high as possible, but we need to be keenly aware of the entire battlefield.

The basics of this phase are simple.  Make sure two things do not happen. 

1) Only the tank gets breathed on.
  This is quite a simple task if you can continually coordinate the direction in which the raid runs after Vortex.  Be firm, and do NOT have a default direction.  Our group either goes North or South, with the tank going slightly to the East or West opposite the direction of the last spark called.

2) All Sparks are dropped for the DPS.
 It is essential that your DPS get every Spark buff they can get.  Having multiple Death Knight’s makes this easier, but it is the tank’s job to make sure the dragon is positioned where the DPS have the best chance to kill it on top of themselves.

If you can managed these two tasks, you will get out of Phase 1.  (Well if your DPS is high enough and your healers can manage the extremely high healing load.)

Tips for Tanking: 
Take a gander at the Project Marmot video of the 10 man encounter.  The 10 man and the 25 man encounters are not extremely different.  As a tank, the biggest difference is the frequency of Breaths.  In the 25 man fight, you can expect an IMMEDIATE breath upon landing from Vortex.  This does not happen in the 10 man.

Tank Malygos as far away from the center as possible.  The outer blue ring is the best area to do this.  There is a real downside of this as you will need to produce a good deal more threat as you would if you were closer to the center.  Malygos has no Cleave or Tail Whip and a HUGE hit box.  Yet rogue “Tricks of the Trade” range is quite small.  Making them unable to give you and control their own threat.

Taunt Malygos as you hit the ground after a Vortex.  Most of your DPS will be able to dps during Vortex.  However, it is rare that you can do anything.

Vortex is the ideal time to reestablish debuffs on Malygos.  Thunderclap and Demo Shout will both hit him no matter how far away you actually are in the cloud.

Phase 2: The Disc Riders

There are only 2 of these in the 10 man version, easily handled by a single tank.  However in the 25 man, bringing an Off tank is a near necessity.  This is the stage of the fight people will die.  Make sure you have a main assist and that ALL dps are getting the Nexus Lords down ASAP.

Tips for Tanking:
Make sure you Taunt/Heroic Throw/Avengers Shield/etc.  as the Nexus Lord’s are coming down.  They descend in a circle and will only come to you when they hit ground level, but its possible and required to have your ranged DPS them as soon as they can.  Thus, you need to produce threat on them as soon as you can.

As seen in the PM video, Improved Shield Reflect is a boon for this encounter.  While it does not actually do much damage, it does help quite a bit throughout Phase 2.  Elliminating some healing load on the healers and dealing a decent amount of damage through reflections makes a difference.

There will be a good deal of AOE damage and chaos going on early on in the phase.  Make absolutely sure you are holding onto all of the adds between you and your offtank.  Even 1 death, can mean the difference between a kill and an enrage.

Be Patient…  Do not get on a disc unless you are the very last melee.  I know it is all about fun and what could be more fun than riding around on a Tron Disc?  Still, do not prolong the encounter by thinking the Scions need tanking, they don’t.  You are better off on the ground and that Rogue, Shaman, or Retadin is better uptop.

Phase 3: 112112115

For us, this was all about coordination and movement.  There are a lot of different ideas about this phase.  The “Every Man For Himself” methodology works for some guilds.  This was not our idea of fun.  There is the 5 group method, this too wasn’t for us.  We did the “Big Red Blob” method.  Sticking together, 3-4 people healing and everyone else stacking DoT’s as high as we can while keeping enough energy to shield.

Tips for Tanking:
There is no tanking.  Make sure you stay alive.  Make sure you are stacking your DoT’s as high as possible.  Strafe to Move.  Stack Combo points while strafing.  Do NOT stop dpsing unless you need to shield.

Learn to Walk and Chew Gum at the same time.

Phase 4: The Loot

The biggest thing I can say about the end of the encounter is WOW.  This fight is pretty nicely done.  Its definitely a challenge, and it produces a sense of accomplishment to any who defeat it for the first time.

Best tip for the end is, listen to Alexstraza and do not think that you should hit the “Leave Vehicle” button.  Use the portal.  Leave Vehicle = death.

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