Naxxramas — Complete

December 4, 2008

After last week’s 10 man clear of Naxxramas, we decided to start up 25 man raiding.  We were a little rusty.  We had some … ummm… how do I put this?  Attention issues versus Thaddius at the end of our raid time.  So we came back tonight and finished off the instance with about 30 minutes to spare. 

saph In 7 total raid hours, alot of “I got a phone call”, “brb, bathroom” and “I gotta change a diaper” downtime and we got the instance fully cleared.  Not a land speed record by any means.  Yet, we are happy.  Next stop Sartharion for our second crack at him in his 25 man version.  This time with drakes up.  Then on to Malygos for the real test.

A shell of its former self:

Naxxramas is just plain not what it used to be.  Ok, let me preface this with admitting that I was not playing the game long enough before TBC came out to have experienced 40 man raiding of Naxx.  The farthest I really got to see preTBC was the entry to BWL.  I did however, have the pleasure of taking Mihli into Naxx post TBC for several weeks between the levels of 58-63.  She managed to walk out of there with the best named weapon in the game “Claymore of Unholy Might

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I can honestly say that Naxxramas 10 and 25 are both shells of their former selves.  These are true entry level raids.  So much so that several wings have been cleared by complete PUGs.  I would not be surprised if a PUG has not cleared the entirety of both the 10 and 25 man versions somewhere in the world.  The instances are that easy in the early going.

The most difficult fight in Naxx is now Four Horsemen.  Not because they hit hard, or because you need 8 tanks, or the strategy is difficult to grasp.  It is challenging because of the logistics and communication involved in defeating the encounter.  People talking can be a tricky thing to pull of sometimes.

Spider Wing-

Anub’Rekhan used to be difficult.  Now you can fairly easily keep the tank up through locust swarm without any kiting.  Grand Widow, is actually more of a logistic challenge in the 10 man version than the 25.  A theme that is repeated throughout the instance, including the pinata that Maexxna has become.

Plague Wing-

Noth used to be harder.  At least in the 25 man he blinks around and drops aggro like his old self.  Its too bad this mechanic is subpar in the days of all tanks having 20 yard taunts.  “Oh my god he blinked… taunt.  Problem solved!”   Heigan is only a challenge to the movement impaired.  Hell his pre-gauntlet is no longer a gauntlet and his aggro radius is so small you can almost walk right up to him and poke him with a stick before he aggros.  A far cry from what once was.  Loatheb … have I used the word Pinata already?  (To be fair, Loatheb can be tricky on the 10 man if you do not have a priest.  Between PoH and CoH they can almost solo heal the raid.  The other healers just have more difficulty with the fight mechanics.)

Construct Wing-

Patchwerk is the first boss that is actually difficult in the 25 man.  I would not call him a real challenge in the 10 man if you have 2 geared tanks and healers with an ounce of skill you will win.  The 25 man version hits so hard that after tanking him you walk funny for an hour.  Grobbulus is all about not being dumb with poison.  Gluth is a bit more of a challenge, but not to tank or heal him.  Just to make sure he doesn’t get a feeding.  Thaddius is a stupidity check.

Death Knight Wing-

Razuvious, not much of a challenge, Gothik… someone told me from the Beta that he was actually difficult.  They lied.  As I said before the Horsemen are a logistical challenge.  Yet they are still much easier than before.  No more lingering ghosts marking people…  Just plain makes it that much easier.

Frostwyrm Lair-

Not much has changed from Saph and Kel though.  The only difference I can remember is  that Kel doesn’t Mind Control in the 10 man version.  In the 25 man version he MC’s 2 people at a time with a VERY long cooldown on the ability.

Do not get me wrong here.  The instance itself is a heck of a lot of fun.  Just for us rolling through it in our first 2 raid nights, just makes me think a little.  I wish it was more of a challenge.  Thank god for Malygos.

llThe Loot:

Four items per boss… four!.  Makes the instance kind of feel like more of a Pinata than it should be.  I do have to question a little as Blizzard had said there were continue to be 3 tokens per tier drop and while Gluth can drop 2 random pieces, those 2 do not make up for the fact that the others only drop 2.

I managed to get lucky and pick up the Last Laugh tonight.  This axe is so far above any other tanking weapon its beyond words.

Only problem is that I was forced to drop Mongoose on it.  It is really sad that Blizzard did not think carefully enough to give us some real end game tanking enchants in the expansion.  Greater Potency’s 50 attack power would be interesting.  The 26 agility enchant may be intriguing as well.  But why not a neo-crusader style enchant.  Or god forbid, a 25+ strength enchant.  Blizzard, we do not want AP, give us our strength enchant!  (While you are at it, give us a new and easier to obtain stamina to bracers enchant.)

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