Giant Monster Eats…

November 30, 2008

trex-attacksThe attack started just after 10am.  The Lich King had evidently plagued the monsters of Ungoro crater and transported them to Ice Crown…

I was standing at the Pinnacle trying to make a group for Heroic Culling of Stratholme when I saw this guy pop inside the inn.

Actually, he was the second Devilsaur to appear at this size to my eyes while I was up there waiting.  Definately a bug that has to do with the phasing nature of the area I would assume.  But it was just too cool to see the HUGE devilsaur walking around next to the backdrop of the tower.

On another subject, Siha over at Banana Shoulders has done up some phenomenal looking game vista Wallpapers for our pleasure.  So head on over there to check them out.  Personally, I am now using her new Ulduar screen as my wallpaper.

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