Exit Vehicle Macro…

November 30, 2008

A good number of my guild-mates have been complaining about not being able to exit vehicles.  We even had one person who had to literally have his dragon die each time he flew around in The Occulus because of this bug.  One of them found this macro that allows you to exit any vehicle without the exit vehicle button.

/script VehicleExit();

It needs to be capitalized in the right spots, or it will not work.


  1. Awesome :)

  2. Thanks for the macro, just what I needed. But for me it didn’t need to be capitalized.

    The ending (); does need to be there, though.

    • Wouldnt think it would have to be capitalized.

  3. Idk if you still read this BUT THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH

  4. same, thanks alot this saved me alot of trouble (in 4.2 no less!)

  5. VehicleExit() does not work with bonus bars. Bonus bars look like vehicle bars and have no exit button, but you can click on the buff you get at the top of the screen to exit. See the darkmoon faire quests and other timed quests. In one example, crackshot was the name of the buff you click on to exit one darkmoon faire game.

    Or, get the name of the buff and use this,

    /cancelaura Crack Shot!

    Or, get the name of the buff and use this,

    /run CancelUnitBuff(“player”, “Crack Shot!”)

  6. thanks

  7. 2013 and MoP and this is still helpful as heck TY!

  8. I was doing the The Pit in WoD and The little Red Arrow didn’t appear. I tried /dismount, didn’t work. Thank you.

  9. I don’t know if you still check this website or comments but everytime I need to check for this macro, because I forget it everytime, your website is always the first link on google. Thanks.

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