Mount Up and Ride!

November 28, 2008


The Miniature Bear.

The Reigns of the White Polar Bear mount itself is awesome.  I refer to it as a miniature bear because its just that.  After riding around on my Amani War Bear for so long, this mount feels down right dinky.

As a matter of fact, the first thing that came to my mind when I mounted up was, Sir DidymusIf you can name that reference without clicking the link you own.

How do you get one?

Its surprising not that difficult.  I picked mine up after only a few days of doing the quests.  One of the officers in my guild picked his up on his first attempt.

The mount itself drops from a bag called Hyldnir Spoils.  These are a reward from several daily quests found in Brunnhildar Village in the Storm Peaks region of Northrend.  In order to gain access to the small quest hub you must complete a series of quests that begin in K3.  The quest starts with a goblin named Gretchen Fizzlespark by the name “They Took Our Men!“.  The quest line is also the Son’s of Hodir faction starter line so you are going to be going along a chain you must start in order to gain access to the WotLK version of Aldor/Scryer shoulder enchants.

The chain is long, you do not neccessarily need to finish the entire chain, but you do need to get all the way to the Son’s of Hodir “opening” quest before you get the chance to do dailies.  This is the biggest area of “phased content” in Storm Peaks, and you will need to phase yourself into the area where the dailies are active.

The Daily Quests…

All the Brunnhildar daily quests are given by Gretta the Arbiter.  She is located in the Northeast portion of the village near the protodrake “stables”.  She gives 2 daily quests per day, one always being a random of three choices, the second always being Aberrations Must Die.

The Aberrations Must Die:
You will complete this quest once already by the time you gain access to the daily quest giver.  You must fly over to Valkyrion in Northwest of Frosthold and kill the vyrkul there until you get Frost Oil to drop.  It takes about 5-6 of these to sufficiently destroy the 30 plagued proto-drake eggs that the quest requires.  The drop rate is about 50% from my experience.  But do beware, not only is this a popular area to quest, but there are multiple flying Valkyrie mobs that can and will attack you on your flying mount.

Defending Your Title:
Once again, you will have completed this quest early on in the chain to open the dailies.  You must return to the fighters of Brunnhildar and challenge the Victorious Challengers scattered watching the other women fight throughout the village.  Once you kill 6, head back to Gretta and pick up your spoils.

Maintaining Discipline:
The most common of the “randoms” on my server thus far.  This quest has you return to the mines with your Disciplinary Stick in hand to beat down those Exhausted Vrykul miners lallygagging around the mine.  Once you put 6 back to work or in the grave, its time to see Gretta once again.

Back to the Pit:
My personal favorite of the four quests.  It takes the most time of the three randoms, but its definately the most fun.  Gretta gives you the reigns of your own “vehicle” polar bear, and sends you to kill 6 of the polar bear riders down in the pit.  The strategy is simple here.  Charge in to stun, Mangle until your charge is back up.  Then use your knockback ability and start the cycle over again.  The quest is far from hard, and I have yet to fail it, even with 3 of the “enemy” bears on me.  What might cost you some extra time, is if others are doing the quest, or the inital version of it, leaving few bears for you to kill.  Once done, head back to Gretta.

The Drop Rate…

The drop rate is low, but do not be discouraged.  While I know there are a few on my server, there are truly not that many people that are doing these dailies.  With the exception of money, there is no real reason other than the mount to do these.  Wowhead lists the drop rate at .8% which seems a tad low to me.  I’d venture to say its more like 2-4%.  The numbers may seem small but they do drop.  Plus, its a heck of lot less time consuming to do 2 dailies a day in 20-30 minutes than spead a few hours chain running stratholme for a Baron Mount.  Hell, the bear looks cooler anyway, mostly cause its so darn small.

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