Going Down!! The Easy Way

November 24, 2008


As a warrior the Going Down achievement has been the bane of my existance for a while now.  I have tried everything there is to try.  The so called “easy” way of flying off Scryer Tier and dismounting got my hunter the achievement, but for the life of me I could not get it to work for the warrior.  Until tonight…  a fellow guildmate happened to get it on accident and in the process found the easiest of easy ways to get this achievement after level 77.

Basically, its the Naxxramas fall.  In Blizzard’s infinite wisdom they have made it impossible to take fall damage from falling off the Naxxramas summoning stone area to the ground underneath.

So if you do not have a bubble, levitate or slow fall and do not want to pay that random Paladin in Dalaran offering to HoP people for 30 gold to get the achievement, just wait.  Get to 77, fly to Naxx and walk off the side.

Do NOT jump or you will die a horrible death.

Edit: We tried this again tonight.  If you do not come out of Naxxramas you WILL die.  The “fall immunity” will NOT be there.  So in fact you need to be level 80 and raided long enough to zone in and out of Naxxramas.


  1. I’ve had trouble with this one too, im looking forward to trying this out. Keep up the good work here!

  2. I am a mage, I got in on accident at level 61, didn’t slow fall or anything. I don’t remember what I fell of of though. I hadn’t gone to Shat yet, so it wasn’t there.

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