Have you been raiding?

November 11, 2008

With Wrath of the Lich King incoming in less than 2 days are you raiding?

The reality of raiding in the shadow of the expansion is a bit of an interesting idea from a conceptual point of view.  Do you raid for gear that will be used basically for leveling purposes only?  Do you raid to see the content before its completely “last expansion”?  Or do you just take a break, rest, relax, get prepared for Wrath or even go out and fish, cook, quest, pvp, dungeonmaster your way to more achievements while you have the “free” time?  My guild has been in Sunwell as of late, but officially called raiding activities last Wednesday.

In have been bored to tears.  I have ended up sitting around for hours a day, every day not knowing what to do with myself.  Do I have fun? Well yeah.  I enjoy sitting around talking with friends, doing the occasional dungeon and helping people do quests for their loremaster achievements, or just plain hang out in Arath Basin continually using more of my G.N.E.R.D.S. trying to get my protection paladin her Hallowed title weeks late.

That was until . . .


Pug Raiding …

ledgebossA few people on our glorious server have been doing some latenight raiding lately.  More specifically, we call it “leftover raiding“.  Made up a number of people from the top guilds on the server on their alts and not a small population of people who, ummm… would not have been allowed into Hyjal or Black Temple 3 months ago let alone Sunwell Plateau.

A PuG in Sunwell?  Yes, I know it has been happening all over the world lately.  Our trek into the final raid instance of TBC has been rewarding.  While only a handfull of the raid members had even gotten past the first trash pull, we managed to defeat Kalecgos and Brutallus for the last two weeks running.  This week, we finally managed to defeat Felmyst this week.

Ledge Boss:

The worst boss in the game has to be the Ledge Boss.  I can honestly, only remember two other bosses in the game that cost me more money in repairs.  The Tears Boss cost me a pretty penny back in the day on the warrior.  Yes, you try to die in a fire consistently as the tank when people crater 30 times in a single night.  The second worst boss had to be Baron Geddon errr … Solarian.  A single most annoying encounter where people needed to actually do this thing called “pay attention and react”.

We managed to defeat the fabled Ledge of death a few nights ago.  I can honestly say that this was a well worth the pain, suffering, and murderous thoughts had about hunter pets (especially the annoying Core Hounds and Devilsaurs).



After about 4 hours with a Pug working on Mu’ru we managed to defeat him.  Now I realize this is not a feat of strength these days.  Its still quite a decent challenge.  Wipe after wipe will attest to that.  We managed to defeat Mu’ru with a warrior tank who was pretty much in ZA/Badge gear and 3 T6 Paladins.

As you can no doubt tell we did have some really geared people and then some people who are just arent geared at all.  A glaive rogue and some full tier six people combined with about 10-12 people in gear ranging from Karazahn, Frozen Shadowweave, to tier four gear managed to defeat Mu’ru the guild killer.  I can only imagine the realities of the fight pre 3.0 patch.  Even with a limited amount of gear we saw four Sentinels before the phase shift.

The biggest help though is 3 protection paladins all speccing into Divine Guardian.  Honestly, this is not something I would have ever though about speccing into.  It is fairly counter-intuitve to spec into an ability that changes your immunity bubble into something that actually damages you.  However, for an encounter where the raid damage is so high, being able to force 30% of that raid damage onto a single or a series of single targets in this case, makes all the difference.


We did not do much with KJ.  I am sure that we would be more than capable of killing him if we had the time.  We just do not have the luxury of time.  We managed to get him around ~75% on one of our two attempts though.  Darkness of a Thousand Souls is just a fun way to end the night.

It was wonderful to see him at least before the expansion.  I know that this will be a point of dissension amongst my own group of friends and guild-mates.  We really should have gotten there ourselves.  I will always some level of guilt and disappointment because we didn’t get there as a guild.  We had many excuses, under-recruitment, waning desire to play the game, and a few people’s untimely attacks of real life responsibilities.  Getting there with a few of my guild-mates tonight was a good feeling.  I just wish we could have done it together on our mains.

In the end, I had always thought I would see this content on my warrior.  As disappointing as it is that I was unable to experience the last two encounters in Sunwell on him, I am thoroughly thankful for the opportunity to see them at all.  We go back in tomorrow on the final real night of The Burning Crusade.  I may be able to bring the warrior, but I have doubts we will be able to get all the way to Mu’ru, let alone Kil’jaeden.


  1. I personally have had little drive to do anything in BC content. However, I did go with some guildies on some pug runs that they were involved with. The results were mixed as some of the raids failed while others went extremely well. Overall I was happy to do a few last raids in BC before I move forward into WoTLK.

  2. We had that same issue really. We failed last night to kill twins again and we almost always had a few idiots that couldnt click their tears or run from doomfire so Hyjal never ended well.

    Overall, we made some attempts on Mu’ru today before everyone headed out for the launch. It was fun, but I will be glad to step back into Naxx at 80 and test our metal.

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