It Has Begun!

November 10, 2008

Stormwind Harbor Under Siege


It has started.  The battle for Azeroth’s very life.  The Lich King Arthas has started his siege upon both the Horde and the Alliance in an effort to slow their respective war efforts

Attacking Stormwind Harbor as Alliance ships set ready to sail to Northrend, Arthas succeeded in nothing more than strengthening the resolve of those who participated in pushing the undead forces back to the Frozen North.

Alright, now that the overdramatic plot driven blather is over, I will actually comment on what is the next phase of the roll out of Wrath of the Lich King.  The Old Scourge Invasion is gone.  No more Citadels attacking zones, no more opportunity to collect shards to buy things.  The Quartermasters are still there, but that event is gone and a new one has begun.


Having had the opportunity to participate in the so called “Raising of Oggrimar”, I have to admit that the Horde side of the current “cut scenes” is by far more interesting and engaging than the Alliance version.  Yet if this is the “Raising” that is rumored to be true, this is really dissapointing.  I truly hope there is more to come soon.


Not only do we get to see Sylvanas and Garrosh Hellscream in Oggrimmar, we get to first witness Thrall get his ass handed to him by the Hellscream scion.  We get to discovery that not everyone is so gung-ho about attacking the Scourge.

The best part of the Horde side’s encounter is being able to watch the “Heroes of the Horde” attack things all across the area.  Running after Saurfang as he goes to attack a Frost Wyrm is just too fun to pass up.  Even if you do not count yourself a member of the horde, I highly suggest you check it out.


harborattacked2The Stormwind Harbor event was much more interesting from a visual sense.  Nothing against The Valley of

Honor, but it really did not feel as epic as a bunch of Frost Wyrms attacking from behind a fog coming off the ocean.

Like the horde side, you get to battle side by side with the so called “Heroes of the Alliance”.  However, with the exception of King Varian Wrynn and Bolvar, these so called “heroes” are unknown to most of those who are not fans of the fiction or had the opportunity to play in the beta.  Broll Bearmantle and Valeera Sanguinar are new characters to most of us.  We still have not been hand held through their backstory like we were when they added Kalecgos and Anveena in Sunwell/Patch 2.4.  We will be seeing them in one of the major questlines in Wrath however, so here’s to hoping we will get to know them a bit better.  After all, who’d have thought the king of Stormwind would be palling around with a Blood Elf Rogue?

Speaking of the King…

wrynnvsbolvarWhat is up with the no new and improved model of Bolvar?  Garrosh is all improved over his current Nagrand model, but we can’t get an improved Bolvar?  He’s quite pathetic standing next to Wrynn.  I know Wrynn looks like someone just gave him a wedgie, but Bolvar?  This is the guy who once fought off Onyxia’s elites and saved the Prince with his bare hands.  He is a boss, why couldn’t we see his model improved?

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