Righteous Defense = Challenging Shout?

November 8, 2008

Finally we get a real answer to the reality that is the flawed Righteous Defense.  Today’s post by Ghostcrawler confirms that there will be changes made in the future to our taunt mechanics.  Hopefully giving us a real taunt and even perhaps removing or raising the number of targets effected by Righteous Defense making it into a Challenging Shout derivative.

Ghostcrawlers exact words:

Recently I said we were going to add a glyph to reduce the targets down to one. We’re not sure that’s the best solution now. We may just add a normal taunt, and let Righteous Defense still be there for taunting larger groups, especially since paladins lack something in the Mocking Blow or Challenging Shout niches.

We haven’t settled on a final decision yet, which is why I haven’t said anything so far. I’ll let you know when we decide

We don’t want to give all classes exactly the same abilities, but taunts may just be one of those things that it’s not safe to have variable.


Obviously this is a good thing.  Even if they do nothing at all to Righteous Defense and just give us a taunt.  The only downside I can really see here is they choose to make this the fabled “11 point talent” they are in love with mentioning in vagueness but never come up with any clues for us to gnaw on.

The Ramifications?

Simply put, no more “Taunt Resist Moments”.  I know all the arguments against Righteous Defense’s downsides, LOS, Range, being a buff and not a debuff.  These are all moot, the first time you are tanking Brutalus and your RD is resisted.  Not having a secondary form of taunt is more of a hinderance than anything that is currently wrong with RD.  Finally giving us something all 3 of the other tanking classes have, is better than fixing RD in my humble opinion.  Do not get me wrong, RD has issues, but they can be worked around.  Giving us a secondary taunt, or in this case making RD itself our secondary taunt, is far better than anything they could do for us and tanking at this point.

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