Such a pretty shield….

November 7, 2008

swordbreakersThe big red shield of …

How do you describe this shield?  If you have it, do you actually run around town with it? 

I know the Sword Breaker’s Bulwark is a wonderful buff for anyone who uses it, but its just so damn ugly.  With all the beauty that is (or was) the encounters found in Sunwell Plateau, they gave us this debaucle of a monstrosity that endeavours to be “fancy”.

In making the model, the failed.  Not only did they make it clip through the “tanking weapon” dropped inside the same instance it drops in.  They also failed to make it not clip through the Tier 6 Onslaught shoulders and chest piece.  In the words of my Guild Master, this is “Epic Fail”.

A Question for you…

barndoorI have heard every opinion from my own guild members.  Everything from the Nightbane shield, to the lol Turtle shield from badges.  People even seem to absolutely love the SSO shield models.  I for one love my Barndoor.

Which shield do you find to be the best model?


  1. My favorite sheild is “Shell Shield”


  2. Lol, took me a little while to get that little joke.

    Dunno though, I have never liked the particular pet you need to have to get that.

    I will be doing a pet post over the weekend.

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