So it Begins…

November 7, 2008

The BearIn the realm of computer gaming and massively multiplayer online gaming specifically, I have been around the bend a few times.

I was introduced to WoW from a dear friend who has since become a stranger to me.  He on his horde server and me on my alliance server.  I tried for a while to do both, but as is in real life, eventually you have to pick a side.

Who am I?

Well my name is not important.  If you want to know that, then hit that About button in the sidebar and visit the armory link to my characters.

What is important is, who I am.  I am a tank.  A tank through and through.

Before coming to WoW, I was priveledged to spend 4+ years of my life in a little Japanese created world called Vana’diel.  That’s right Final Fantasy XI.  I had (err still have) multiple jobs at 75, but my favorite of them all has always been my Ninja.  So when I came to WoW, I chose to play a tank.

My first toon in WoW was a Tauren Feral Druid.  I despised the horde at the time (none of those pretty Blood Elves back then.)  Eventually, my friends and I ended up on the alliance.

Since then, I have leveled up my Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin and my BM Hunter to 70.  I love to tank, and all three classes give me the opportunity to do so.  While hunter’s tanking skills are situational at best, Tenacity pets are equal to win these days.

The Blog

Well, I have things to say so here is the place I will begin to say them.  Once upon a time ago, I had a FFXI blog over on Livejournal.  It was a squishy little thing that got few hits.

This blog will be a place for not only the general hijinks that occur in my life in WoW, but more importantly a place to find out a few things about tanking in general.

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